Business in Japan

KOA-SHA Inc. has evolved from the transit advertising and outdoor advertising business fields which have been its strengths since its foundation, and gone beyond those boundaries to provide an Integrated Marketing Communication business in the OOH field.

Business Overseas

KOA-SHA, which with an axis in the OOH field has expanded its market share in Japan, advanced into Bangkok, Thailand in 2009. Then in 2012, it advanced into Vietnam.Into the future, we will be expanding our dynamic and energetic advertising communication business in the Southeast Asian market where continuous economic growth can be expected.

Business in Thailand


In September 2009, KOA-SHA INTERNATIONAL was established in Bangkok. At KOA-SHA INTERNATIONAL results are not limited to outdoor and transit advertising. OOH know-how developed in Japan has produced results in mass media advertising which includes television, newspapers and magazines, as well as in web advertising and event management, and the like.

KOA-SHA MEDIA (Bangkok, Thailand)

In August 2011 KOA-SHA MEDIA was established in Bangkok. KOA-SHA MEDIA has acquired operation management rights for the eight Bangkok Airport Rail Link (ARL) stations and the rights for interior and exterior advertising on City Line and Express Line train cars. The acquisition of these management rights marks the first time that Japanese advertising company has won any overseas traffic advertising rights.
Then in August 2012, we acquired the rights to commercial areas within Bangkok ARL station buildings. Coordinating advertising with train station shopping area sales became feasible.
Robust communication can be provided in the Thai market which has a rapidly developing transportation infrastructure, and there is also potential to strategically gain inbound demand.

Business in Vietnam


KOA-SHA MEDIA VIETNAM CO., LTD (Ho Chi Minh/Hanoi, Vietnam)

In June 2012, KOA-SHA established KOA-SHA INTERNATIONAL VIETNAM in Ho Chi Minh. In October of the same year, KOA-SHA established MEDIA VIETNAM in Hanoi. OOH plays a central part in the advertising communication business we are developing in Vietnam, and we will continue to create a passionate movement into the future.